Donate to ZSL

Global wildlife populations have declined by 52% in the last 40 years. Your donation will help to support our conservation work in over 50 countries around the world to protect the future for wildlife. 


One-off Donation

Here is what your donation could contribute to:

  • If 5 people gave £10 each, we could pay for our local field staff to carry out gorilla conservation projects for a week. 
  • If 8 people gave £25 we could tag a turtle to understand their movements and help define the boarders for a new Marine Protected Area. 
  • If 4 people gave £50, we could pay for a motion sensor camera to monitor and protect tigers from poachers.
  • If 3 people gave £100, we could pay for a park rangers’ exceptional anti-poaching efforts for a year.
  • If 5 people gave £200, we could power Instant Detect, a real-time surveillance system used by rangers to protect animals in remote areas for a year.



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