Help save the Asiatic lion

Donate to ZSL's Asiatic lion's campaign

Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) campaign to secure the future of the majestic Asian lion, which clings to survival in only one isolated forest.

Asian lions are on the brink, and we can’t let them disappear.

Lions monthly Direct Debit donation

Here’s how your donation could make a difference

  • £4 could power one camera trap for four weeks
  • £4 could keep the lion hotline open for one night
  • £4 could provide petrol for a ranger to patrol on a motorbike for a morning
  • £40 could train two rangers to use field technology for monitoring lions
  • £40 could fund one lions project staff member for a week
  • £400 could provide one new camera trap
  • £400 could train 20 rangers in SMART
  • £400 could fly a lion keeper from Gujarat Forest Dept to ZSL to learn about lion husbandry from our keepers here, helping them to provide better care for problem lions that have been captured before their release


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